12 Will Lecture At 'Teach-In'

The Summer School will get a sample of "teach-in" style political discussion Wednesday, when 12 speakers will rake the Johnson Administration over the coals in an all-night discussion in Sanders Theatre. The speeches start at 8 p.m.

Afterwards, the audience will break up into smaller groups to discuss Vietnam and the Dominican Republic. These seminars will last through the early morning.

Six faculty members at New England colleges are scheduled to speak, along with three students, the head of Massachusetts Political Action for Peace, novelist Norman Mailer and journalist I.F. Stone.

Wednesday night's teach-in will apparently have no administration spokesmen. David A. Smith, one of the organisers of the meeting, said that several faculty members who had been asked to defend U.S. policy in the Far East and in the Dominican Republic had declined for various reasons. He noted that several attempts had been made to attract a State Department speaker to defend administration policy in the Caribbean.

The schedule of speakers:

8 p.m.--Banks McDowell professor of Law, Boston University

8:30--Stoughton Lynd, assistant professor of History, Yale

9:30--Norman Mailer

10:15--Salvador Luria professor of biology, Boston University

10:35--I.F. Stone

11:20--Robert Zevin, Harvard graduate student

11:45--Stephen Rosenthal, Harvard graduate student

12:15--Jerome Grossman '36, chairman, Massachusetts Political Action for Peace

12:45--Noam Chomsky, research fellow in Cognitive Studies

1:05 a.m.--Edwin Moise, James Bryant Conant Professor of Mathematics and Education

1:35--Alan Gilbert '65, an official of the Harvard Chapter of the May Second Movement

2:15--Howard Zinn, assistant professor of Government, Boston University.