YD's Seek to Lift Rindge Tech Ban; Say Carmichael Is Still Scheduled

The Young Democrats will try to persuade the Cambridge School Committee to change its mind on barring Stokely Carmichael from Rindge Tech.

After nearly six hours of discussion last night, the club's executive committee apparently postponed a decision on whether to take the matter to court. In the meantime, YD president Lawrence S. Seidman '68 said he would appoint a committee to speak with the school officials "as soon as possible."

"We'll see whether or not we can make them understand what our point of view is," said Seidman. He also said the delegation of Dems would ask the school committee to seek an advisory opinion from the Cambridge city solictor.

Speech Still On

Seidman said Carmichael would definitely speak here Nov. 10, and "we'll be seeking the largest available auditorium for him." He said that the site of the speech would not be announced until after consultations with the school committee.

The three school committee members who lined up against the Carmichael speech in last week's 3-3 vote indicated at that time they had no intention of changing their position.

But the Young Dems, apparently acting in line with advice from school committee member Francis H. Duehay, decided to try anyway. Duehay, who is also assistant dean of the Graduate School of Education, voted in favor of the Carmichael speech.

He conferred with the Young Dems during the group's closed meeting last night. So did a representative of the Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts. The Civil Liberties Union had previously advised the group to sue the school committee. Seidman declined to comment on what either man said during the meeting.