Medical School Plans Symposium

The Harvard Medical School has invited Governor Ronald Reagan and all 20,000 physicians in Southern California to attend a mammoth symposium in Los Angeles next month.

Nine professors, including the Med School's Dean, Dr. Robert H. Ebert, will travel to Los Angeles on November 5 to participate in the one-day conference on medicine in the twenty-first century.

Discussions in the morning will focus on scientific questions, while the afternoon meeting will deal with the role of medicine in society during the twentyfirst century.

Med School officials do not expect that all of the invited guest will attend. If they did, the result would be somewhat catastrophic, since the conference has facilities for only 1200 participants.

In addition to Dean Ebert, the Harvard professors who will travel to Los Angeles include: Dr. John H. Knowles, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital; Dr. Leona Baumgartner, visiting professors of Medicine; and Roy O. Creep, formerly Dean of the School of Dental Medicine and presently the director of the Center for Reproductive Biology.

According to an official at the Medical School, the announcement of the symposium has been well-received in California, and he predicted that there would be a large turn-out.