Laxmen Top Williams, 11-6; Cain Slams in Five Goals

Harvard's lacrosse team fought off strong winds and a four-game losing streak to run Williams to the ground in an 11-6 victory yesterday at Cumnock Field.

Good defense clearing, especially by sophomore defenseman Mike Ananis, kept the Eph-men mainly downfield after the first quarter, and the Crimson was faster on the ball than in almost any other match of the season.

Junior Marty Cain was outstanding with strong midfield play and five goals. Despite a number of injured players, the Crimson managed to pick up the lion's share of ground balls.

Williams dominated the first quarter with two goals to Harvard's one. But then it was the Crimson all the way, with four Harvard goals in the second period. Notable among these were sophomore midfielder Jim Kilkowski's beautiful dodge at the restraining line followed by a blast to the goal and junior midfielder Alan Timberlake's isolation dodge and shot in the last minutes of the half.

The first score of the second half was an unfortunate incident in which Crimson goalie Bob Norton took too long to clear, got trapped by a Williams attackman, and left the goal open for a Williams score. But Norton made several neat saves in the course of the game.

The only other goal of the second period came after Williams lost a man on a penalty and Cain fed Kilkowski for the score. Harvard dominated the play, however, with many near misses. A Williams attempt to score near the end of the quarter was stopped when their attackman ran over the crease.

The last period saw a foul in the draw give the Crimson a free throw which it efficiently turned into a score. Cain scooped up the ball from a big pileup in front of the goal and stopped just short of the crease to put it away.

Harvard followed up with a fast down-field run and a good scoring shot by sophomore attackman Jim Anderson, who soon after tallied another on a near-fluke roll of the ball past the fallen Williams goalie.

The next successful play was a flip from Timberlake, who had threatened the Williams defenseman with a dodge that drew out the midfielders and let Timberlake pass to Cain, who slammed it home with a fantastic shot.