Three Seats on HUC to Be Filled By House-Wide elections in Spring

The Harvard Undergraduate Council representatives from three Houses--Kirkland, Leverett, and Winthrop--will be chosen by House-wide elections for the coming term, House Committee representatives said last night at an HUC meeting.

HUC representatives are traditionally selected directly by the House Committees. The HUC chairman, Daniel B. Magraw '68, said the only other recent House-wide HUC election was held in Kirkland House last year.

The Lowell and Dunster House Committees are also considering holding House-wide elections.

The HUC voted to set-up a Temporary Investigatory Committee on Student Protests, which is designed to aid the Administration in dealing with future demonstrations.

Dow On Friday

Instituted especially for the protest allegedly scheduled for the planned visit of a Dow Chemical recruiter Friday, the committee will meet Wednesday night. Magraw appointed Stephen H. Kaplan '69, new chairman of the Leverett House Committee, head of the temporary group.

The new committee will also probably discuss the economic feasibility, advisability, and implications of issuing rebates of meal charges to those who participate in future fasts.

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