Cambridge Police Ask Steep Pay Increases

Cambridge police officers have asked for pay raises that would put them among the highest-paid policemen in the Commonwealth.

Under an ordinance proposed to the City Council last night by the Cambridge Police Association, the members of the police force would receive pay increases ranging from 33 to 43 per cent. The police chief, who is presently paid $15,000 a year, would get $20,000 under the proposed ordinance.

The annual pay of a patrolman with three years' service on the force would be hiked from the present $8034 to $11,500. Captains, lieutenants, and sergeants would be given similar increases.

The council voted unanimously to send the proposal to its finance committee, where it will join a similar request previously submitted by the City's firemen. The fire-fighters asked for slightly smaller increases.

City Manager James L. Sullivan estimated that, if enacted, the pay raises for the approximately 500 fire and policemen would add over four dollars to the City's current tax rate of $82.50 per $1000 assessed valuation.