Dean Ford Wrote Letter on ROTC

Dean Ford last night confirmed that he wrote the letter to President Pusey on ROTC partially reprinted in yesterday's Old Mole.

In the letter, Ford outlines four possible actions that the Corporation might take to move the Faculty to accepting the Corporation's position on ROTC.

He favored the Corporation's not accepting the Faculty's recommendations and returning it to them for additional work and discussion "to make them usable as a basis for further action."

The complete text appears on Page 7.

In an interview, Ford emphasized several times that the confidential letter was stolen from his files and that the Old Mole printed an exerpted version.

He said of the letter, "It expresses the views I expressed to several faculty members. It contains the things I thought should be done on the basis of the Faculty vote."

Ford describes the Faculty's resolution in the letter as "a very badly framed, gratuitously unpleasant and basically confused" pronouncement.