Negotiators To Heed Faculty ROTC Edicts

Dean Glimp, chairman of Harvard's committee to negotiate new contracts for ROTC, issued a report yesterday denying that the committee would attempt to circumvent the Faculty's resolutions on ROTC.

"There have been rumors that the negotiating committee might attempt to circumvent the Faculty's guidelines regarding credit for courses offered by ROTC units and appointments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. On the contrary, the committee regards these resolutions as guidelines for its work," the report stated.

"Others in the community have speculated that adoption of these guidelines will surely result in the withdrawal of these units. While it is not clear exactly how the new arrangements will be worked out, withdrawal of the units seems to me to be an extremely unlikely outcome," Glimp's report stated.

Under the terms of Harvard's current contracts with the armed forces, re-negotiation cannot be completed in less than a year. Glimp's statement said that his committee hopes to work out new satisfactory terms by the end of this summer. Some changes might be implemented by next Fall, and the remainder by the end of the 1969-70 academic year.

In an interview yesterday, Glimp explained that the committee was not considering any arrangements which would give ROTC courses Faculty of Arts and Sciences credit or give their instructors Faculty appointments.

'Their Catalog'

The Faculty's resolution calling for the deletion of ROTC courses from the catalog did not create any problem, Glimp said. "It's their catalog."

He said that the Faculty's request that the Corporation cease allocating free space in Harvard buildings to ROTC was "a complex question for the Corporation in view of the wide variety of activities and non-credit instruction to which space is allocated throughout the University." He declined to elaborate.

Though Glimp and members of his committee have met in Washington with representatives of the three services, he said, "We aren't close to really settling any details."

The Pentagon's position on ROTC is itself not settled, Glimp said. "Harvard is split. The alumni are split. The Congress is split. The Pentagon is split."