Med School Will Still Be Free of Draft

Nixon Proposes to End All Other Deferments

The Nixon administration's latest draft reform proposals would leave medical students the only students with deferments.

Earlier Pentagon statements on the reform indicated that all student deferments would end. The new revelation was made yesterday by Defense Department officials.

The officials also indicated that all students presently holding deferments will be allowed to keep them.

The National Security Council will review the proposals and place them before the Senate Armed Services Committee next month.

If Congress passes the plan, it will probably go into effect immediately, just as the lottery did.

The proposal would also eliminate occupational and parental deferments.

Provisions may be made for young freshmen who enter college before they are 19 years old to finish their first year before reporting for military service.

The Pentagon feels that many of these students will enroll in ROTC programs to avoid interrupting their education.

This year the Pentagon expects to draft 225,000 men- a drop of 65,000 from 1969. Even fewer should be drafted in 1970.