Muhammed Ali Wins Over Quarry by TKO

Those of us who opted for Clay-Quarry fight at the Boston Garden instead of staying home and watching Fido fight Snoopy for dog biscuits on the living room floor were the losers.

After three rounds of Clay bouncing around the ring in his old and wonderful style and Quarry standing still and playing the punching bag and now and then trying a lunging left hook, the fight was declared over.

In between the third and fourth round a doctor looked at the cut over Quarry's eye and credited Clay with a third round TKO. Quarry jumped from his stool and in a bit of last minute histrionics rushed around the ring waving his arms in protest. Ironically, it was Quarry who had demanded the presence of two white doctors in his corner, instead of the two black physicians assigned by the state of Georgia.

The real excitement in the Boston Garden came at 8:30 in a live fight, the first preliminary bout. There was a lot of screaming and yelling especially from those people who were more than fifteen seconds late. The fight was scheduled for four rounds but only lasted the two black physicians assigned by the out.