Memorial Hall to Remain Standing

A lot of you may have been worried by rumors that Harvard is planning to demolish MEMORIAL HALL. Well, relax. According to Richard G. Leahy, associate dean of the Faculty for resources and planning, the old white elephant will probably be standing when we are all dead and gone. On other fronts, yesterday was quiet. An SDS rally to support a boycott of GM drew about 50 people to the steps of Mem Church. A man in Sao Paolo, Brazil, began serving a prison term for biting his pet dog to death. The national government of Tannu Tuva dissolved itself sine die. The City Fathers of Kabul, Afghanistan, appropriated 500 coppers to build two cupolas with minarets. And at his dacha in the Ukraine, Nikita S. Krushchev passed a quiet afternoon, cursing his luck.