NLF Denounces U.S. Peace Plan

PARIS-The United States submitted President Nixon's Indochina plan at the Vietnam peace talks yesterday. Not unexpectedly, the North Vietnamese and the NLF denounced it.

But they conceded this was a preliminary reaction, and U.S. Ambassador David K.E. Bruce said he was not discouraged.

What Bruce put on the table as a part of the conference proceedings were segments of Nixon's Wednesday night address lifted verbatim from the text.

The five points were: a call for a standstill cease-fire all over Indochina under international supervision; an Indochina peace conference to settle the Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian disputes: negotiations on a timetable for troop withdrawals; a political settlement reflecting the present balance of forces in South Vietnam; and the immediate release of all prisoners of war by both sides.

Not Impressed

North Vietnamese Ambassador Xuan Thuy called the plan "an electoral gift certificate." Nguyen Thi Binh of the Viet Cong said the proposals were a means of "legalizing American aggression in Indochina."

Nixon said in Savannah, Ga., that world reaction to his proposal was "overwhelmingly good." He said he hoped it would be taken seriously.