SDS Rejects CFIA's Proposal for Debate

SDS last night rejected a proposal for debate with the Center for International Affairs. The proposal came from John Nye, program director of the CFIA.

Nye last week expressed the CFIA's willingness to debate SDS in a common room on any date before January 12 or after the 19th.

He said he would be willing to move the debate to a dining room in the event of an overflow crewed, and, according to Charles Biechman '73, spokesman for WHRB, which is one of the debate sponsors, he later expressed willingness to move the meeting to a room like Lowell Lecture Hall if the crowd were too large.

Ira D. Helfand '72 of SDS last night rejected the idea, saying. "The whole proposal is ridiculous unless they're afraid that masses of students will see them as they are."

"If they're willing to go to a large room eventually," he added, "then let's start there."