Students Living in Barnard Initiate New Projects for Tighter Security

Barnard Hall students concerned about security at Radcliffe are sponsoring the installation of an intra-campus telephone in front of the dormitory for a trial period of three to four months.

To get inside the locked dormitory, a non-resident will have to call up someone who lives in Barnard and have that person come downstairs to open the door for him.

J. Boyd Britton, administrative vice-president of Radcliffe, has approved the project which, if it proves effective, will cost Radcliffe from $120 to $200 each year.

Although the security measure was originally proposed last year, the incidents this year involving attacks on several Radcliffe students, particularly the attempted rape at gunpoint on October 28, have prompted the students to put the measure into effect.

The students hope the security measure will help prevent the free entrance of strangers into Barnard as well as remind people of the need for caution when letting people into dormitories.

In a letter to Emily Maxwell '72, Barnard president, Britton said if use of the telephone produces a marked increase in security at Barnard, Radcliffe administrators would consider spending from $1900 to $3200 each year to provide such a telephone in front of each of Radcliffe's 16 dormitories.