Weinglass Tells Group He Faces new Federal Conspiracy Charges

Leonard Weinglass, Chicago 7 defense lawyer, told a group of 150 students at the Law School last night that he, Bill Kunstler, and Abbie Hoffman will be facing new conspiracy charges for speeches made after the Chicago 7 trial.

Weinglass told his audience, "We're fighting in a jungle and the only way we can survive is to become jungle lawyers."

Weinglass spoke for two hours on the disparities of the Chicago 7 trial, and cited individual contempt charges made against the defendants and the lawyers by Judge Julius Hoffman. Weinglass said. however, that contempt charges probably would be dropped in the appeal case.

The speech was sponsored by the Student Bar Association, which will demonstrate against the Law School Visiting Committee this afternoon. Anthony P. Sager, second-year law student, told the students at the meeting, "It's time for us to show people that we have a real social commitment to something other than this community."