To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

CRIMSON photographers present at the various employee meetings took pictures of speakers and individuals in the audience. When asked to stop the photographers answered that the CRIMSON would not print any such pictures. However, these pictures appeared on the front pages of the May 6th and May 12th editions of the CRIMSON. Employees did not wish photographers to be present because of possible harassment and reprisals on the part of the Harvard Administration. Many employees will not come to meetings at all because they know what Harvard has done in the past to employees who try to organize. The CRIMSON's role in this situation is to side with the Administration against the campus workers. By printing such pictures, the CRIMSON has increased employee intimidation and has helped provide evidence against certain employees.

[The CRIMSON believed that no employees were identifiable in the photographs published except for one woman, who had signed strike literature. The CRIMSON has no desire to aid intimidation of striking workers, and we do not believe we have. No further photographs of striking workers will be published.

The CRIMSON is pleased to announce the election of James D. Bednark '72 of Quincy House and Detroit, Mich., Madeline S. Crivello '73 of Cabot Hall and Milwaukee, Wis., Rush W. Dozier Jr. '72 of Lowell House and Madisonville, Ky., William B. Hamilton '72 of Kirkland House and Geneva, Switz., Jovce Heard '73 of Comstock Hall and Lexington, Paul G. Kleinman '73 of Wigglesworth Hall and Peckskill. N. Y., Bradford B. Kopp '73 of Wigglesworth Hall and Cambridge, Melanie T. Mason '71 of North House and Savannah, Ga., and Evan W. Thomas '73 of Grays Hall and Huntington, N. Y., to the News Board; Charles F. Allan '72 of Adams House and Dallas, Texas, Jeffrey L. Baker '71 of Dunster House and East Amherst, N. Y., Richard J. Bowker '72 of Mather House and West Roxbury, Elizabeth R. Fishel '72 of Barnard Hall and New York City, Laurence P. Meyer '70-3 of Eliot House and Palo Alto, Cal., Meredith A. Palmer '73 of Barnard Hall and Los Angeles, and Matthew Witt '72 of Leverett House and Los Angeles to the Editorial Board; Sarah W. Davis '71 of East House and Shrewsbury, N. J., Margot R. Hornblower '71 of North House and Washington, D. C., Dennis D. Loo '73 of Thayer Hall and Honolulu, Hawaii, and Susan B. McLane '71 of South House and Concord, N. H. to the Photographic Board; and Charles P. Moore '73 of Matthews Hall and Lexington, Richard Sontgerath '72 of Lowell House and Spokane, Wash., and James P. Smurro '71-3 of Quincy House and Saddle Brook, N. J. to the Business Board.