Frosh to Face Brown Soccer

The freshman soccer team faces a tough Brown squad here today at 2 p.m. The match, always Brown's last of the season, has over the years become highly charged with passionate rivalry.

"At Brown they're already thinking about this game every year when they make their admissions to the freshman class," said Harvard coach Dana Getchell yesterday. "There, beating Harvard in soccer is stressed almost as much as passing courses."

Getchell predicts hard physical contact on the field today. "We'll have trouble in particular with their fine fullback line," he said. Brown plays three backs across the field and a sweeper behind to cut off passes. The Brown defense has allowed only four goals in six games this season.

The Crimson meanwhile will be relying on overall team speed and coordination to topple Brown, Getchell said. "We'll gear ourselves to score by feeding linemen Dragan Vujovic and Leroy Thompson from our halfbacks and wingers," he said.