Marinaro and Cornell Brace for Indian Test

The Ivy team championship is up for grabs with Cornell needing a win over Dartmouth this weekend if they want to clinch the title.

The battle for most of the individual statistical crowns, however, is pretty well settled. Ed Marinaro, Cornell's All-american back has a solid lead in total offense, rushing and scoring.

Last Saturday against Brown Marinaro gained 176 yards, raising his rushing and total offense yardage to 968 yards. This puts Marinaro 200 yards ahead of Columbia's Don Jackson and 510 yards ahead of Princeton's tailback. Hank Bjorklund in total yardage.

If Marinaro wins the total offense crown, he will be the first non-passer to ever do so since the league began 16 years ago. Individual Statistics--Total Offense   Yds. 1. Marinaro, Cornell  968 2. Jackson, Columbia  768 3. Shue, Penn  603 4. Stoeckel, Harvard  516 5. Pfeil, Yale  497 6. Bjorklund, Princeton  483 Scoring   Pts. 1. Marinaro, Cornell  56 2. Bjorklund, Princeton  44 3. DeMars, Harvard  30 Blake, Princeton  30 4. Bonner, Brown  24 Killian, Cornell  24 Clune, Penn  24