Yardlings Oppose Unbeaten Elis; Coach Lamar Ends 40-Year Career

At 2 p.m. today, the Yardlings will try to upset the Elis, who are undefeated so far this year. For freshman coach Henry Lamar, however, this is more than just another Yale game. Today's game will climax a 40-year career for Lamar who will retire in June.

Last year, Yale slipped past the Crimson, 7-3, and this year's team looks even better. Yale polished off Princeton last week, 34-3. "Yale has a very good team this year; let's face it, they will be tough. If we are going to win, we're going to have to stop their passing game," offensive coach Loyal Park said yesterday.

During practice this week, everything has been business as usual with as little mentioned about Yale as possible. "We're all very loose about tomorrow's game," co-captain Mike Page said, "but we all know inside that it's Yale we're playing."

There is extra pressure on the Yardlings this year because of the announcement of Lamar's retirement which was released earlier this week. "When we heard that coach Lamar was leaving. I think that we all knew that we had to win thin game," Page said.

Lamar's leaving is coming at a time when some schools are thinking about allowing freshmen to play varsity football. Earlier this year, the ECAC passed a ruling allowing freshmen to play in varsity sports. Football was the only sport in which the ruling was not passed, missing by a slim margin.

Park believes that the freshman program is a very important part of the athletic program, and said. "Both Coach Lamar and I feel that without the freshman program, many of the guys would never have an opportunity to play college ball. Some of the freshmen who may play varsity could get hurt playing against guys who are two or three years older than they are. I am absolutely against allowing freshmen playing varsity football."

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