Attorneys Scan Photos For Evidence

Women in Occupation Might Be Prosecuted

University attorneys and administrators are evaluating photographic evidence, and hope to press criminal and possibly civil charges against the women who occupied 888 Memorial Drive.

Rumors circulated yesterday that Harvard had positively identified some women, including two Radcliffe students, from photographs taken at the Women's Center, and would charge them with criminal trespass.

Archibald Cox '34, University troubleshooter, said yesterday, "The charges all clearly depend on our identifying the participants. But I haven't any statement to make on the collecting of evidence."

Cox said that the criminal charges could include trespass, breaking and entering, and theft of property. "Harvard could perhaps in a separate [civil] suit sue to recover damages for the harm that was done," he added.

In court yesterday, J. Michael Harrington Jr. '43, a Ropes and Grey attorney, and Daniel Steiner '54, general counsel to the University, asked Superior Court to waive Harvard's request for a temporary injunction. Judge Frank W. Tomasello granted their request.

Harvard had originally requested a temporary injunction because the temporary restraining order, obtained March 16, had been ineffective.

Steiner said he doubted Harvard would press charges "in the next couple of days." He said, "We want to sort out what evidence we have. And some of us are pretty tired."

Steiner also pointed out that Harvard may charge the women with civil contempt of court or with a Massachusetts statute that prohibits defacing a school building.

Maurice D. Kilbridge, dean of the Design School, stated Monday that the women had damaged or stolen thousands of dollars worth of photographic equipment, hand tools, and electrical devices.

Since leaving the Center Monday afternoon, the women have engaged in a variety of activities. Dissatisfied with the Central Square location offered by Harvard, the women are searching for a new site, according to one Radcliffe student.

Last night about 50 of the women gathered for a health food dinner in Inman Square to discuss their actions since yesterday and future plans.

The women shared wine and home-cooked organic dishes in a mood similar to that which prevailed at the Center in the last days of the occupation.