To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Regarding the article on Edward Cox in the issue of Thursday, March 18, I would say the CRIMSON has overstepped the bounds of good taste, allowing itself to be carried away with a subjective style of writing. As the article implies, if Cox was unreceptive to the CRIMSON, if he did not willingly volunteer information to a reporter, these facts do not entitle that reporter by virtue of both explicit and implicit derogatory political references and associations to attack the sanctity of a personal relationship between Cox and Miss Nixon.

The CRIMSON's past policies would seem to indicate that they would be among the first to criticize any excessive publicity given this marriage (and rightly so as it would be a misplaced emphasis with so many other unnoticed causes crying out for publicity unheeded), yet the paper itself also would not interfere with the same kind of private, personal relationship between any two other less well known betrotheds. I believe this inconsistency has trespassed the borders of propriety and an apology is in order.