Crimson Alleymen ??p Pomeroy at Ten ??In

(Special to the CRIMSON)

WELLESLEY, April 23-?? CRIMSON bowling team stretched ?? unbeaten streak to one here tonight with a stunning victory over the Po?? eroy Tiddly Winks Team at Ten ?? Center.

"Please tell me it didn't happen," ?? jected captain Sally Surgenor wh?? pered as she slipped off her bowli ?? shoes. "If only I hadn't come in ?? high with that Brooklyn in the third."

Strong rallies by Ann Low-key an?? Sissy Clark almost brought Pomero?? an upset win, but Adele Monte burie ?? a ten pin in the tenth to end her team' ?? hopes. "I just couldn't concentrate, "?? she explained. "My mind was on that hot apple pie at McDonald's." The golden arches glowed overhead.

The final score was 23-2.