SDS Protests At Herrnstein Soc Sci Class

About seven members of Harvard-Radcliffe Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) leafletted yesterday outside the first meeting of Social Sciences 15, an introductory psychology course taught by Richard J. Herrnstein, professor of psychology.

The group then went into the back of the crowded lecture hall, Burr B. but made no attempt to interrupt Herrnstein's lecture.

The leaflets the group passed out attacked an article by Herrnstein which appeared in the September issue of the Atlantic Monthly, on the grounds that the article justifies unemployment as the result of an inherited lack of mental ability.

In his article--entitled "I.Q."--Herrnstein predicts that social standing will be determined to a large extent by inherited biological differences when artificial social and legal barriers break down.

One SDS member, speaking over a bullhorn outside Burr Lecture Hall before Herrnstein's class began, said, "A course is being given here that SDS doesn't believe should be given," but the group did not urge any students not to attend the class.