The Mail

To the Editors of the Crimson:

I find a great deal which puzzles me concerning the proposed referendum on the CRR. But there seems to me to be a basic misunderstanding going on--as one student says, "what we are saying in the referendum is that Faculty legislation now requires a disciplinary body for students." But of course a referendum is not supposed to say; it should ask. And there are a great many people around, perhaps even a majority, who are not eager to see the CRR in either of the two proposed forms.

If the ad hoc committee wishes to offer students any kind of a choice, then I suggest they place on the referendum a choice favoring no CRR whatsoever. Falling this, they could agree on some other expression of non-cooperation with the two alternatives--e.g., mutilating ballots, which was tried with success elsewhere this year.

At any rate, I feel that few people are really convinced of the absolute need for some form of disciplinary committee; perhaps it is this proposal which really ought to be tested in a referendum. Robert Brooks '73-2