Committee Protests ACSR Selections

An ad hoc committee will circulate petitions in House dining halls today to protest the manner of selection for undergraduate members of the Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility (ACSR).

Kenneth McCormick 73 said yesterday that the group of about 20 members, formed last week, thinks the current method of selection would make the committee representative.

The current plan calls for Dean Whitlock to interview students nominated by their Houses and appoint two to the ACSR.

The group proposes that each House select two members to be placed on a ballot. The student body would elect the two members to the ACSR from this group of nominees.

The petition, written by McCormick and John Schwartz 73, maintains that the present process is "unfair and unrepresentative, consequently illegltimate." The ad hoc group consists of members from Adams, Kirkland, Lowell and South Houses.