Crimson Hoopsters Race to 23-2 Win After Loss of Bok Changes Momentum

With a POP and a crash, the world's most prestigious and powerful university ground to a halt Saturday morning, as President Derek Bok hobbled painfully to the sideline.

Bok, a known crisis handler, had been the driving force behind the Administration's unexpected success in the early going, when the Jox had run the Crimson's sincere but entirely informal basketball team off the Hemenway Gymnasium court. Confused and panicky, the Administration quintet lapsed into chaotic disorganization, and the Crimson went on to win by an impressive 23-2 margin.

Bok's injury stemmed from a free throw at the Administration's end of the court late in the first half, with Box Jox leading by 8, or perhaps 10 points. Bok, nervously jockeying for position along the foul lane, had taken his stance on the inside of Crimson forward Bob Gerlach. When the Crimson free throw attempt missed, as had been the case throughout the morning, Bok alertly came down with the ball, clearing the boards with an impressive show of authority.

But suddenly, Harvard's 25th President crashed to the floor and the ball rolled out of his grasp. An Administration underling beat Gerlach to the draw, and started a belated and ineffective fast break back upcourt, as Bok repeatedly called for time out to no avail.

It was only after the Jox had blown an easy shot at the Crimson goal and the flow of action returned to the Administration basket that Bok's injury became known, and the workings of Harvard's traditional succession to the presidency were set in motion.

Charles U. Daly, the University's vice president for Government and Community Affairs, had been standing alertly on the sidelines, ready for just such an eventuality. Quickly removing his Wellington boots, he called for a pair of Adidas track shoes, Bok's if necessary, in order that the Administration's floor leadership could be passed on with a minimum of confusion. But Daly could not fill Bok's shoes, and as the game progressed, it became apparent that the Administration was in for serious trouble.

Substituting freely, but prudently, the Crimson began to hack away at the Jox lead, with Jon Carlson, Pete Landry and Deac Dake hitting insistently from the outside, and Dan Swanson doing basic destructive work underneath. Within minutes, it was a rout, and as the Administration frantically attempted to set up an orderly offensive attack, the score continued to mount.


Sensing the Jox's inexcusable shoddiness, referee Don Donovan penalized the Administration 20 points for disorganization and a general lack of elegance. With four seconds remaining in the contest, and the score 21-2, Crimson guard Sue Kinsley calmly flicked in a soft 40-foot hook shot to insure a 23-2 triumph. SCORING Box Jox  19  12  --  31 Crimson  11  23  --  34

High scores: Steiner (BJ) - 9, Dake and Landry (C). 9 ea.

Penalties: (BJ) - 20 points for disorg. and lack of eleg.; 7 points for delay of the game; two points for gasoline to Stillman Infirmary.

(C) - 11 points for regret.

FINAL SCORE: Crimson 23, Jox 2