The Mail

To the Editors of The Crimson:

I am writing this letter in response to your article "CORE Staffer Blames Whites for Law Debate Cancellation." The article contained gross misrepresentations concerning the events which led to the cancellation of the debate. It also did not deal with the real issue at hand, that of William Shockley's unscientific and blatant racism. Shockley believes that

"...for low I.Q. negro populations, each 1% of caucasian ancestry raises the average I.Q. by one point...If those negroes with the fewest caucasion genes are in fact the most prolific, and also the least intelligent, then genetic enslavement will be the destiny of their next generation."

Shockley proposes that "bonuses would be offered for sterilization...a bonus rate of 1000 dollars for each point below 100 I.Q." Shockley is no longer permitted to teach his theories at Standford, yet the Harvard Law Forum gave him credibility by inviting him to debate.

Cyril Boynes claims that "left wing white students" had "duped" black students into opposing Shockley. This is totally incorrect. The Harvard Law Forum responded to criticism from BALSA and from black Law School professors. The SDS had also circulated a petition demanding the cancellation of the debate. SDS itself is a multiracial organization.

The Crimson article seemed designed to attack any movement of black and white students against racism. The Crimson would have better served the Harvard community by reporting the exact nature of Shockley's theories. Miriam Sagan '75   H-R SDS

Night Editor for This Issue: Charles E. Shepard '76

Ed. Night Ed. for This Issue: Seth M. Kupferberg '75