the stage

The Best of Leverett. Selections from past and present Leverett productions, including Cole Porter's Anything Goes, which they're doing next week. The real best, however, is the free refreshments. 4 p.m., Sunday in the Leverett JCR.

Cyrano. Although The Crimson panned it, Christopher Plummer and so forth have courageously continued to perform this musical. With such intestinal fortitude and Rostand's play both in it, how bad could it be? 7:30 at the Colonial, until April 21.

The Soldier's Tale by Igor Stravinsky. This is really music (and very good music at that), but what could be more dramatic than listening to Alan Heimert as the Devil and Kevin Starr as the Soldier? (Although Starr is evidently as good at politics as he is at teaching, his versatility presumably will not extend to playing the violin part himself.) 8:30 Sunday in the Leverett JCR. Free.

Marionettes. A marionette show, including "Bastien and Bastienne," a pastoral opera Mozart wrote at some ridiculously early age in a successful attempt to show he could come up with the Eroica Symphony's theme. 7:30 and 9 p.m., in Room 401 of the Carpenter Center.

The Wall. "Triumphantly exciting," says the Herald. "Emotionally charged," says the Monitor. "It's amateur night in the Warsaw ghetto," says the Globe, "in this starkly inept dramatization of John Hersey's novel, which memorialized the suffering of the Jews during World War II." 'Sist schwer ein yid zein. 8:15 at the National Jewish Theater, 12 Holyoke Street.

West Side Story. For never was a story of more woe ... Opens tonight at the Loeb.

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