In Progress

The student members of this year's as-yet-unformed Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility are considering instituting some changes in the AC-SR's procedures.

Sabino Rodriguez III '75, one of the ACSR's student members, said this week he thinks the ACSR should consider publishing a booklet describing all its decisions on proxy resolutions and send it to all the corporations in which Harvard owns stock.

Rodriguez said the student ACSR, which was dormant last year, will be revitalized this spring. He said the group will seek official recognition as a student organization from the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life, and then begin to do research on this year's proxy issues.

Meanwhile, the figures are in on the fate of the proxy resolutions Harvard voted on last year. All but one of them failed to gain a majority of stockholder approval, but most received the 3 percent of stockholder support they need to be introduced again this year.