Alumni Will Return to Campus Under H-R Today Program

The Office of Associated Alumni Affairs has invited 35 alumni and their spouses to spend a weekend at Harvard later this month to participate in the Harvard-Radcliffe Today Program.

Howard Gillette '35, assistant to the vice president for alumni affairs and development, said yesterday that the program, instituted last year, is designed to recapture the interest of those alumni who were active in the alumni association during the Pusey Administration, but have since lost touch with Harvard.

The participants will attend a series of lectures, seminars and receptions to reacquaint them with campus life.

Gillette, coodinator for Harvard Today, said he believes that the program's primary purpose is to "create salesmen for Harvard around the country," He said he is "pleased with the very enthusiastic response" the program received after the first year.

Food and Housing

Gillette did not know the exact cost of the program, which includes food and housing for the alumni, but said that it was heavily dependent on the number of alumni invited from the Boston area.

A permanent procedure for deciding which alumni should be invited has not yet been established, Gillette said, but he said he feels that in a few years an invitation will carry a great deal of prestige.

Last year about 140 alumni were invited to fill the 35 spots.

Harvard-Radcliffe Today is based on a similar program in existence at Princeton since 1955, Gillette said.

David Ruhr, director of the Princeton program, said yesterday that it has proven to be an extremely successful means of reacquainting alumni with campus life and has recently been adopted by Dartmouth and several prep schools.

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