To the Editors of The Crimson:

The news story in The Crimson (March 19) on Senator Proxmire's attack on research sponsored by the National Science Foundation does an injustice to the Senator, to me, and to James Reston:

(a) Contrary to the story's implication. Senator Proxmire did not single out my research or research conducted at Harvard. Rather, he included my research on one of his periodically issued lists of NSF-sponsored studies that he disapproves of. All of his comments were addressed at several studies collectively.

(b) The comment about the Senator's greater interest in the affairs of cows and bulks than in human affairs should have been attributed to James Reston, not to me. Your reporter asked me to summarize Reston's column on this matter for her, and I did not so. The verb, incidentally, was "mate." not "make." --Zick Rubin   Lecturer on Social Psychology