Dean Names Three to Fill New Chairs

Dean Rosovsky yesterday named three Harvard professors to newly endowed chairs in the natural sciences.

Dudley R. Herschbach, professor of Chemistry, Francis M. Pipkin, professor of Physics and associate dean of the Faculty, and Edward O. Wilson, professor of Zoology, will become Frank B. Baird Jr. Professors of Science.

Baird, a retired businessman who graduated from Harvard in 1925, gave the University approximately three million dollars to establish chairs in the natural sciences, Herschbach said yesterday.

Herschbach, whose current work concerns energy transfer during chemical reactions, said the effect of the appointment was "largely psychological." "I'm sitting in the same chair as before, only now it's called the Baird chair," he added.

Pipkin, who is associate dean of the Faculty, said yesterday he will resume teaching again next spring in accordance with the requirements of the endowment.

Pipkin, said the endowment would mean little change in his own position, but would free general endowment funds for hiring new faculty members.

Wilson said he was very pleased at his appointment, but that there would be no change in his duties.