New Satire By Lampoon To Appear

The Harvard Lampoon expects to sign a contract next week with Doubleday to publish a satirical book on college life, Steven G. Crist '78, publisher of the Lampoon, said yesterday.

The Lampoon has been negotiating the contract with Doubleday for over two months. The book is expected to appear sometime next year.

Eight members of the Lampoon staff will remain in Cambridge this summer to write the book, an anthology of short stories covering all aspects of college life. All Lampoon staff members, however, will be asked to contribute to the book, Crist said.

Previous Deal

George A. Meyer '78, president of the Lampoon, said yesterday Doubleday had published a Lampoon satire of James Bond, "This Side of Earth," five years ago, adding that the Lampoon, has had no dealings with Doubleday since then.CrimsonFung Lam