Wildlife Supporters Annoyed Over Use Of Benefit Profits

Officials of the World Wildlife Fund, Inc. expressed annoyance yesterday over a mix-up concerning the destination of the profits from the production of "Birds, Beasts And Flowers" presented at the Loeb Drama Center this week.

The production, which starred Princess Grace of Monaco and Richard Pasco, was publicized as a benefit for the Wildlife Fund, but the proceeds were actually earmarked for a foundation in Monaco which aids underprivileged children.

The confusion over the destination of the profits arose in September when The Los Angeles Times and the New York Daily News ran stories that said these performances were to benefit the Wildlife Fund.

The World Wildlife Fund first became aware of the problem through a story that appeared in Newsweek magazine on January 9. It sent several letters to Princess Grace asking that she make a statement to clarify the situation, but received no response.

Princess Grace's agent, Arthur Cantor '40, said that no one connected with the Princess ever said that the proceeds were to benefit the Wildlife Fund, and therefore felt that it was not necessary for them to issue a statement.

The Loeb's brochure stated that "Revenues from this presentation will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund, Inc."

The Wildlife Fund sent a telegram to Douglas Schwalbe, managing director of the Loeb, on March 7 asking his cooperation in notifying the audiences at Princess Grace's poetry readings on March 7 and 8 that the World Wildlife Fund was receiving no money whatsoever from these performances. Schwalbe said he received the telegram after the performance and thus could not take any action.

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