You Could Choose Your Courses Blind... Or You Could Read The Confi-Guide

Thematic concerns, character development, and some aspects of Shakespearean performance in the Elizabethan and modern theaters.

Prerequisite: English 12a or equivalent.

Half course (spring term). Tu., Th., (S.), at 11. 0105 (XIII)

English 13. The English Bible

Morton W. Bloomfield

Half course (fall term). Tu., Th., (S.), at 11. 6532 (XIII)

English 70. American Literature from the Beginning to World War I

Daniel Aaron and Alan Heimert

Principal works of American literature from the Puritans to Henry Adams and

Up above is a course description from the Harvard University Course Catalogue. Pretty boring, isn't it? What's worse, it's not really that informative. After all, it is only what the professor thinks his course is supposed to teach, no more and usually a lot less. It says absolutely nothing about what the course actually teaches and how well that is taught.

On the right, however, is an excerpt from a publication designed specifically to breathe a little life into the process of choosing your courses, The Confidential Guide to Harvard Courses for 1978-79.

As you can see, it is a bit more interesting than the course catalogue, and a lot more informative. The Confi-Guide tells you what a course is about, how well it is taught, how difficult it is, and whether the work load is going to cut a hole in your love life. Better still, the Confi-Guide is written by students who have lived through the courses, not the administration or the faculty. It's like having 100 upperclassmen advisers.

The Confi-Guide also features advice on concentrations, libraries, where to get help, freshman seminars, who Harvard's best and worst lecturers are and what the new core plan is all about. All this and more with pictures. Harvard's best and worst lecturers are and what the new Core plan is all about. All this and more with pictures, cartoons, and articles from nearly a hundred students.

Basically, you can't beat the Confi-Guide if you want to find what is to be taken here. It's informative, humorous, interesting and on sale for only two bucks at registration, around the campus and at the Crimson, 14 Plympton St. Get it, your education shouldn't be boring.