Police Arrest Assault Suspect in Yard

Man Threatens Three Harvard Women

University police arrested a man armed with a knife who allegedly assaulted three undergraduate women in the Yard early Saturday morning.

Cambridge Police said yesterday that University police apprehended Jonathan A. Goodman, 31 years-old, of 231 Brookline St., at 1:47 a.m. on Saturday and charged him with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

One of the victims said yesterday she and her two friends were walking into the Yard at approximately 1:30 a.m. when the suspect approached them in front of University Hall. "He was obviously trying to intercept us," she said.

The man then started to yesll, making references to Roxbury, she said. "This really scared us because of all the killing of black women in Roxbury," she added.

Eight black women have been murdered in the Roxbury-Dorchester area since January.

"We were standing under some bright lights and couldn't understand why he was screaming at the three of us," she said. She added they could not see any police cars in the area.

"He made a quick move at us and we all ran away in different directions," she said.

Marc R. Paul '82 said yesterday he heard one of the victims run into his dormitory screaming that a man had threatened her. She also said the assailant held a "flashing object," Paul added.

Just In Case

"A group of us got together and we went out looking for this guy," Paul said, adding that he and some of his friends held tennis rackets for protection.

Paul said his group saw a man, wearing an army jacket, walk between Robinson and Sever Halls towards the Quincy St. Gate. The man turned around to face them and said "I'll cut you up like Thanksgiving turkeys" if they came any closer, Paul said.

A University police car arrived at this point, responding to a call from a student who heard the screams, Paul said. The policeman "drew his gun and forced the guy to drop his knife," he added.

Saul L. Chafin, chief of University police, refused yesterday to release any information about the arrest