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Tribute to Guinier

More than 60 students honored Ewart Guinier '29, professor of Afro-American Studies, at a tribute sponsored by the Black Students Association (BSA), the Caribbean Club and the Massachusetts Black Political Caucus, last night at Leverett House.

The purpose of the program was "to show recognition to (Guinier's) dedication and tireless efforts in working with friends and students and appreciation in his work to ensure the Afro-Am Department remains stable and permanent," Eugene J. Green '80, president of the BSA, said.

During the tribute, Sheldon Fischer, a former student of Guinier's and special assistant to Massachusetts State Sen. William Owens, presented a placque to Guinier on behalf of the Massachusetts State Senate "in recognition of his exemplary contribution in Afro-American studies."

In an emotional address, Guinier implored those present to "find a way to do something for peace," and added that he will dedicate the rest of his life, "to fight for peace in the world and here at home."