Big Wheels


To the Editors of The Crimson:

The recent directive to mobilize Harvard police to prevent bicycle riding in the Yard seems to be a less than optimal and certainly not a permanent solution to the problem. At a time when most agree that increased use of bicycles should be encouraged, the University is making it less convenient, even discouraging it. Whereas bicycling around the Yard might normally be feasible, it is at the moment both dangerous and inconvenient what with the construction in the Square. An interesting suggestion is that the resources now being used to prevent cyclists from riding in the Yard be used instead to create bicycle lanes crossing the Yard, and even elsewhere on campus. Such an expenditure could have a long term effect and might serve as a model for community and Cambridge city action. J. Woodland Hastings   Master, North House   Professor of Biology   John E. Dowling   Associate Dean and Professor of Biology