Minorities Discuss Role On Council

Representatives from several campus minority groups said last night they had met earlier in the evening to discuss minority student representation in the yet-to-be-formed Student Council, but they refused to comment on the results of their meeting.

Vada Hill '83, a representative of the Black Students Association (BSA), said that he and other minority representatives decided not to disclose the results of the meeting until they have met with the constitution committee for the new student government.

The minority students are scheduled to meet with the committee this afternoon at Quincy House for a discussion that will be closed to the general student body and the press for the first hour.

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Michael Colantuono '83, a representative of the Gay Students Association; Vincent Chang '84, of the Asian-American Association; and Cesar Saigado '83, of La O, the Puerto Rican student group, each declined to comment on the results of the meeting last night.

While none of the minority representatives contacted would predict the outcome of today's meeting with the constitution committee, several said they were "optimistic" that a decision would be reached "in the near future" as to what kind of minority representative the committee will propose for the council.

The minority students and the constitution committee met Monday in an open meeting to discuss the same topic, but no decisions were reached.

At that meeting, the students discussed several proposals for minority representation on the council, including assured voting seats and a proportional voting system which would increase the likelihood that minorities would be elected to council positions.

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None of the representatives contacted last night would say whether the same proposals were discussed in last night's meeting, or if any new ones had been introduced, but several of the students were quoted earlier this week as saying that they considered some sort of representation on the council necessary.

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