Gov Department Searches

In an effort to fill four vacant tenured professorships, the Government Department recently appointed four committees to conduct separate searches for the posts.

John D. Montgomery, chairman of the department, said yesterday the department would be "extremely lucky" to have received recommendations from three of the four bodies by June.

Because reviews of a departmental recommendation by an ad hoc committee and then by President Bok usually take between six and eight months, Mont-gomery said, the department does not expect to fill any of the slots until the fall of 1983.

Bye, Bye

The four openings are in American government, Chinese politics, Japanese politics, and political philosophy. The latter post was vacated when Michael Walzer, former professor of Government, left in the spring of 1980.

The department "always looks" particularly hard for qualified women, Montgomery said, adding. "I'm a great girl watcher when it comes to appointments."

The department currently has one tenured woman--Judith N. Shklar, professor of Government.