Lowell House Football Squad Psyched For Victory in 'The Year of the Win'

Last year was the year of the point. This year is the year of the win.

Since 1975, when Lowell House captured the Straus cup for intramural athletics, its football team has been winless. Only on the last play of last season's last game against Dunster-Mather did the Bellboys score their first point in three years. But now, seven years since the team's last victory, Lowell gridders say they are ready to win.

Today, in its first game of the season, Lowell tackles Leverett House and attempts to shed its winless status.

"Our chances are good," said halfback Sidney Krieger. "Scoring the point last year really gave us a good feeling. We have a whole new attitude. We're going to prove that we can win."

When asked about strategy for today's game, senior Mark Scapicchio answered. "I can't tell you much. It's going to be a good tough football game. All I can say is look for a lot of surprises. We've been down too long. We're coming back, and in a big way."

Besides, Scapicchio said, the quarterback is not color-blind like last year's "which helps."

Meanwhile, Leverett players remained calm among all this hype. "No way are they going to beat us," said tight end Tim Belktz. "They're no good. We're bigger than them. They've been practicing a lot and are all jacked up, but we're not worried."