Subway Extension Ties Up Square

In the south west corner of the Yard is a gate bearing in its comet arch, the directive, "Open yo the Gates that the righteous Nation which keeps the truth Entereth in." But this entrance between Strauss Hall and Lahrriun Hall will be locked at least until the middle of September as construction workers move it forward a few feet.

Wadsworth Gate, positioned between Wiggles worth Hall and Lehman Hall will be closed for the same reasons. These two sections of the historic wall surrounding the freshman dorms are returning to the positions from which they were moved when the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) began construction in the Square three years ago.

They work is part of the MBTA's plan to extend Red Line Subway services beyond the Square to parts of Somerville and the Alewife neighborhood in Cambridge. In addition workers are building an underground bus terminal and a large central mezzanine where small shops could operator. MBTA officials say they expect the Square to be cleaned up, and they whole project to be completed, by the fall of 1984.

But until then, traffic in the normally busy commercial area will continue to be extra congested, as cranes and large trucks dominate the middle of Mass Ave. cutting down on the number of traffic lanes on the main strip Church St. a side street across from Johnston Gate is closed to through traffic until the middle of next month.