Research Animals

Short Takes

About 250 people from 38 states yesterday met, in Boston to tackle the question of using live animals in laboratory experiments during a conference co-sponsored by Harvard.

Although the session produced no definite solutions, the session addressed issues raised by proposed legislation which would limit animal research and examine alternatives in using animals in research and testing.

Some community groups have criticized Harvard's involvement in animal research at the University's Regional Primate Center in Southboro.

The two days conference the Park Plaza Hotel convened doctors, lawyers, researchers and animal defense league activists, who aired their views on the need for reform in the controversial research area.

Harvard's Dr. Ronald Hunt, director of the Regional Primate Research Center, said at an afternoon seminar that using animals in a responsible way is absolutely necessary to laboratory work.

But he favored a recent proposal in Congress to examine the animal research situation for 18 months.

Another Harvard official. Dr. Richard Rodger, expressed disappointment with the conference, saying a predominance of participants from the scientific community prevented a free-flowing dialogue between supporters of animal research and those who want to legislate against it.