No Relation


To the Editors of The Crimson:

Harvard-Radcliffe Enemies of the ROTC (EROTC) is a coalition of undergraduates who are ideologically opposed to the principles on which ROTC is based and who wish to defend the 1969 faculty legislation that prohibits any special relationship between Harvard and ROTC. Our group is in no way linked to the Spartacus Youth League, which pirated the name "Enemies of ROTC" for its own purposes after our group had already been formed. The distinction between our group, which is in the process of applying for recognition as an official undergraduate organization, and the SYL's unilaterally proclaimed "United Front" should be clear to all members of the Harvard community, as it may not be following Alden Cavanaugh's April 14 letter to the editor. Jonathan E. Elwitt '84   Vice President   EROTC