Aquamen Hold Off Inspired B.U.; Capture Greater Boston Championship

Harvard, host Boston University, Boston College, and Northeastern University participated in another Beantown championship event last night. It wasn't the Beanpot, of course, but the Greater Boston Swimming Championships. Luckily, the aquamen fared much better than Coach Bill Cleary's men, holding off a strong B.U. charge to defend their title, in the last year of the Championship.

Outdueling the Beanpot squads and Tufts University did not require an Herculean effort. If it had, the Crimson may not have been up to the task, still suffering from a highly emotional Princeton victory last Saturday.

Nevertheless, Harvard garnered first place in enough events to assure itself of the city laurels. Notable performances included Peter Egan's exciting come-from-behind triumph in the 100-yd, butterfly and Matt Davis's.08 second win over B.U.'s Dan Hughes in the 200-yd, individual medley. Senior Karl Illig shattered the pool records in both the one meter and three-meter diving events.

The results of the day's swimming are as follows:

100-yd. Butterfly:

1.Peter Egan, H, 52.14 seconds

2.Sean Nottage, BU, 52.26 seconds

3.Jim Kornish, H, 52.42 seconds

400-yd. Freestyle Relay:

1.BU, 3:08.23 minutes

2.Harvard, 3:08.24 minutes

3.Tufts, 3:22.64 minutes

200-yd. Breaststroke:

1.Lars Rlerson, H, 2:10.63 minutes

2.Art Murphy, H, 2:14.60 minutes

3.Kevin Vantine, BU, 2:15.51 minutes

50-yd Freestyle:

1.Jim Wong, Tufts, 21:61 seconds

2.Brad Howe, BU, 21.64 seconds

3.Bob Tyler, H, 21.67 seconds

200-yd. Backstroke:

1.Bren Howe, BU, 1:54.41 minutes

2.Courtney Roberts, H, 1:56.69 minutes

3.Dan Simkowitz, H, 1:57.53 minutes

500-yd. Freestyle:

1.Dan Hughes, BU, 4:37.66 minutes

2.Bill Cleveland, H, 4:43.50 minutes

3.Bill McCloskey, H, 4:44.17 minutes

100-yd. Freestyle:

1.Brad Howe, BU, 46.85 seconds

2.Craig Mallery, BU, 47.47 seconds

3.Jim Wong, Tufts, 48.13 seconds

200-yd. Butterfly:

1.Dan Hughes, BU, 1:56.54 minutes

2.Gonzalo Sanchez, BU, 1:57.05 minutes

3.James O'Rourke, H, 1:58.62 minutes

100-yd. Breaststroke:

1.Kevin Vantine, BU, 1:00.38 minutes

2.Bob Hrabchak, H, 1:01.22 minutes

3.Clay Miller, H, 1:01.24 minutes

100-yd. Backstroke:

1.Bren Howe, BU, 53.69 seconds

2.Lars Rlerson, H, 54.83 seconds

3.Jim Kornish, H, 55.02 seconds

200-yd. Freestyle:

1.Brad Howe, BU, 1:43.08 minutes

2.Courtney Roberts, H, 1:43.01 minutes

3.Craig Mallery, BU, 1:45.72 minutes

200-yd. Individual Medley:

1.Matt Davis, H, 1:58.23 minutes

2.Dan Hughes, BU, 1:58.91 minutes

400-yd. Medley Relay:

1.Harvard, 3:31.10 minutes

2.BU, 3:40.50 minutes

3.Tufts, 3:46.85 minutes

One-Meter Diving:

1.Karl Illig, H, 470.60 Points

2.Ted Lukes, BU, 459.10 points

3.Geoff Geis, BC, 428.40 points

Three-Meter Diving:

1.Karl Illig, H, 538.30 points

2.Ted Luckes, BU, 507.50 points

3.David Biespiel, BU, 473.20 points

Final Standings:

1.Harvard 487 Points

2.BU 451 Points

3.Tufts 219 Points

4.Northeastern 145 Points

5.BC 127 Points