From Our Readers

To the Editors of the Crimson:

I have been involved in many political rallies at Harvard, and it has been my experience that when there are more than 100 students at a rally, The Crimson covers it with a front-page story and more than likely a photograph. Thus I was very surprised to hear in the aftermath of a Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical workers' rally that drew over 400 workers that The Crimson tended to cover it only with a back-pages story that turned out to be just one column long.

In a conversation with the managing editor on duty that night, I was told that the story would be covered in the "proportion and scope it merits." I figure that means that The Crimson that the ratio of importance of students to workers is about five to one, that it takes five times as many Harvard employees as Harvard students to make an event newsworthy. The University community already has the Gazette to bury important events in its back pages. The Crimson is the only alternative for both workers and students, and should treat all of the community it serves with equal respect, particularly since the effort of Harvard's clerical and technical employees to gain their rights and dignity may very well be the story of years to come. Damon A. Silvers '86

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