Boston Band Will Play For Summer Schoolers

In case Summer School students haven't managed to make it to the Boston club scence, the scene will come to them this weekend with a performance by New Man Friday night in Memorial Hall.

The locally renowned band will appear due to the work of a small group of Leverett House proctors who wanted to leave the Summer School students with something fun to remember.

New Man, a pop band with a jazz influence, will release a national album in two weeks on Epic records, said Adam Sexton '86, one of the Leverett House proctors who helped bring the local Boston band to campus. Tonight's show will serve as a warm-up for the band's tour this fall.

"It's an audience they usually don't play for," said Sexton referring to the student scene. "They're a Boston bar band. With all the foreign students, it gives them a chance to play for people who have never heard the band."

Although setbacks nearly twice prevented the band from scheduling the concert, the problems with the Summer School administration and with the band have been settled and the concert will take place.

Although he is uncertain about the number of tickets sold so far at the dining halls, Sexton feels good about the attendance. "It seems like a lot of people are excited about going."

Tickets are five dollars at the dining halls, available at lunch only today, and for six dollars at the door. A Harvard I.D. must be presented to purchase tickets.

There are no seats, just a lot of floor. Explaining the decision, Sexton said, "They [New Man] play danceable music, so..."