Fencers Triumph Twice

It would have taken a lot of bad luck for the Harvard fencing teams to have lost last night in their dual meets at the Malkin Athletic Center.

The men's match-ups against Brown--a non-varsity squad--and Tufts quickly turned into a pair of mismatches, a Harvard trounced Brown, 18-9, and Tufts, 25-2.

The Harvard women handed similar shellackings to the visitors, 11-5 over the Bruins, and 15-1 over the Jumbos.

The swordsmen, who entered the night with a five-game losing streak, led the entire way in both meets, opening a 6-3 lead over Brown after round one.

Although the Bruins rallied in round two, closing the gap to 10-8, Harvard closed the door in the third and final round, winning eight of nine bouts.

The swordswomen's dual meet produced similar results. Like the men, the women never trailed, jumping to a commanding 7-1 lead after two rounds.

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