Christmas Shopping From A to Z

Well, Christmas season is upon us once more,

With mad holiday crowds in every store.

If you've been kind of confused about your own Christmas spree,

We've thought of a gift list--from A to Z.

A is for art--give a poster or print, A calendar done by Matisse (psst...hint, hint), Or give to an artist a new set of brushes And some fresh-colored paints, for those finishing touches.

(Matisse calendar: Harvard Book Shop, $10.95.)

Books are abounding here in the Square, The fun part is choosing--so look everywhere! Short stories, neat menus or how to buy stock, Or the wonderful new One by Richard D. Bach.

(One, Richard Bach: Wordsworth Book Shop, $12.57.)

C is for chocolate, or caramel instead, Just make sure it's covered in green, gold or red.

Candy's the easiest gift you can give, (Eliot H-Entry is where I live.)

D is for dinner, on a cold winter night. Prepare it yourself, and add candlelight.

E is for eggnog with rum and nutmeg, It's much more romantic than milk, or a keg.

Flowers are sweet any day of the year, Pointsettias and holly bring Christmas great cheer.

But by far the best flower of all's mistletoe. It's a reason to kiss anyone; ho, ho, ho.

G is for game, and with this year's new twist,

Sculptivity--working with clay to express your gist.

Harvard regalia--school spirit's so nice, Anything crimson and white will suffice.

I is for ice cream, even in the cold.

Mix-ins bring smiles, to young and to old.

J is for jokes, for the joyful and jolly, Comedy clubs will bring sweet Christmas folly.

(Catch a Rising Star tickets: $5, $7, $10.)

K's for kahlua, for warm Christmas toasts,

Best served with hot cocoa, at fireside roasts.

L's lots of liquor, to stay in good cheer, Try hot-buttered rum, or a six-pack of beer.

Music will soothe the most savage scrooge,

Try Tower Records--their selection is huge.

Today's newest hits, classical or jazz,

The gift of music is a gift with pizazz.

(Tracy Chapman album: Tower Records, $6.99)

Newspaper subscription's a smart gift for your dear,

Your thought will be lauded each day of the year.

Get the Crimson, the Times, or the hometown Tribune,

And stay well-informed, or at least until June.

(Crimson subscription: $18.10 on campus)

O is for ornaments, with millions to choose from,

For the sake of this poem, I guess I'll just list some.

Santas, or snowmen, or reindeer, or stars,

Even zebras, or skiers, or peacocks, or cars.

(Urban Outfitters ornaments $2.50 to $15)

Pass the pepper, pretty please,

And pick the perfect present.

Pretty salt and pepper pourers

Make every party pleasant.

(Salt and pepper mill: Crate n' Barrel, $12.50.)

Q is for quilt--to stay cozy and warm,

Sleep late every day, and stay dry in a storm.

R is for rollerskates, for non-stop winter fun,

And it's a great workout! (if you don't like to run.)

S is for soaps and shampoos and suds,

Smelling like herbs, or sweet flowers and buds.

Try Details, across from Algiers, the cafe--I sniffed there just once--now I can't stay away.

(Terra Nova "Rain" Bathing Bubbles: $7.50.)

T is for tickets, to a movie or play,

A concert, an art-show or a day planned "your way."

Underwear's just for close friends and loved ones,

Cute boxers and undies will flatter cute buns.

V is for velvet--purse, bow and shoes, Accessories a-plenty in rich reds or blues.

W's for wool, a scarf, socks or hat,

A pair of warm mittens--I know I'd love that.

(Hand-knitted mittens: Christmas Secrets, $16.)

X is for X-mas, trimmed tree, colored lights,

Make for the merriest, bright Christmas nights.

Y is for yearbook, with photos and scraps,

The perfect momento of the year that's elapsed.

Zzzz's for the naps all shoppers should take,

By the time Christmas gets here, we'll all need a break.

Don't worry, dear shoppers--the end is in sight,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.