Thursday, February 21

Nevada Beach with Love I To Death at the Channel.

Little Buffalo with Pat Wallace at Club 3.

Morgan Stu with Power of Soul at Edible Rex.

Laurie Geltman with Big Clock at Johnny D's.

Big Hot Sun with the Scene at Necco Place.

June Tabor and the Oyster Band with JudyBats at Nightstage.

Stub with Junkman at the Paradise.

Gordons with Kitchen of Distinction at T.T. the Bear's.

Danny Tucker at the Western Front.

Friday, February 22

Dresden Danse at Axis.

Physical Graffiti with 40 Thieves at the Channel.

Signs of Life with Big Hot Sun at Club 3.

Clarence Fountain and the Five Blind Boys at Harper's Ferry.

Spanic Boys with Memphis Rockabilly at Johnny D's.

Mark Isham at Nightstage.

Urban Blight with Stylie at the Paradise.

Titanics with Mente at The Rat.

Heavy Metal Horns with Agent 13 at T.T. the Bear's.

One People at the Western Front.

Saturday, February 23

Warrant at the Channel.

Heretix with Oh Boy at Club 3.

Chucklehead at Edible Rex.

Lucky Peterson with the Fabulous Heavyweights at Harper's Ferry.

Master Ibrahima Camara at Johnny D's.

Uncle Tupelo with Great Outdoors at T.T. the Bear's.

One People at the Western Front.

Sunday, February 24

Henry Pappas with Ronnie Earl at Johnny D's.

Kentucky Headhunters with Miss Xanna Don't at the Paradise.

Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble at the Western Front.

Tuesday, February 26

Shockra with Rice and Beans at the Channel.

Chris Smither at Johnny D's.

Maceo Parker with Roots Revisited at Nightstage.

The Charlatans U.K. at the Paradise.

Wednesday, February 27

40 Thieves with Mundo Mojo at Axis.

No Man with Roger Miller at Johnny D's.

The Charlatans U.K. at the Paradise.